Play as Richard, a egomaniacal ferret with an unrelenting thirst for chaos, destruction and of course shiny things...

Destroy plates by launching them or dropping them off of high surfaces. Steal shiny things and cups and bring them back to your lair for points. Jump, climb, dash your way to victory!

But beware... This kitchen is guarded by a menacing French chef, named Cheoff, and will either kick you or throw pans at you if he notices you destroying his kitchen.


P - Pause
WASD - Move
Space - Jump
Left Click - Dash
Right Click - Bite (pick up)

(Controls are in the options menu)


Bush by Jarlan Perez [CC-BY] ( via Poly Pizza (

Bush with Berries by Quaternius [CC0] ( via Poly Pizza (

Croissant by Poly by Google [CC-BY] ( via Poly Pizza (


Petit Voleur Windows v0.16.2 121 MB

Install instructions

Web: Just hit play
Windows Download: Just run the Petit Voleur.exe file

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